We manufacture high-quality, environmentally friendly linerboard. Linerboard is a type of paperboard, which is predominantly used for the production of corrugated board and boxes, paper bags as well as apparel labels and tags. There are essentially two main types of linerboard namely kraftliner and testliner. By common definition in the paper industry, kraftliner is a linerboard that is being made with no less than 80% virgin pulps, whereas testliner must be made with more than 20% recycled fibre. Since YOUBISHENG's linerboard is made from up to 100% recycled fibre, it falls within the definition of testliner.

We also produce double sided testliners, which offer certain features that are comparable to kraftliner. In 2010 we started producing the double-sided testliner as an innovative new product. The double-sided testliner is used for high-end packaging solutions, which meet certain quality characteristics such as haptics, two-sided printability of the material, superior visual appearance, tear resistance and moisture repellence. These characteristics are usually found in kraftliners only.

Since February 2012 Youbisheng produces anti-counterfeit testliner for branded consumer goods packaging to avoid counterfeiting. The testliner is unique, since the consumer goods manufacturers can be identified through their packaging materials. The intention of the new product is to enable traders and customers to identify the original manufacturer of the product and therefore avoid counterfeits.

In 2013 we were able to bring a new product line onto the market due to our continued its research and development efforts. The new product is a super-thin testliner. This new innovative higher-margin product line is designed for the electronic industry as an insulator for electric circuits. After an extensive testing phase the product was well received on the market.

YOUBISHENG sells its linerboard to Chinese printing and packaging companies mostly located in Fujian Province and Guangdong Province in the PRC. YOUBISHENG's customers order the linerboard mainly for high end printed carrying and presentational packaging for the growing demand of branded consumer products in the PRC. Amongst others, YOUBISHENG's linerboard is used in consumer products packaging of leading PRC brands such as Anta, Erke and Xtep.

We are producing our linerboard from up to 100% recovered fibres. The linerboard branded “Guige” is offered in various weights ranging from 120g per sqm to 337 g per sqm in natural brown and yellow or red colors.

Single-sided testliner

We manufacture high-quality linerboard from recycled paper. Linerboard is a type of paperboard, which is predominantly used for the production of corrugated board and boxes, paper bags as well as apparel labels and tags.

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Double-sided testliner

In 2010 we launched our new product, the double-sided testliner. The double-sided testliner is produced from 100% recovered fibres and offer our customers a substitute to the more expensive kraftliners produced from wood pulp.

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Anti Counterfeit linerboard

We are currently developing a new technology that will enable us to produce linerboard with unique characteristics that provide an additional level of protection against counterfeiting / copying of the branded products for which the packaging is used.

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