Equity Story

We believe that YOUBISHENG has a significant growth potential due to the following factors:

  • The Chinese GDP is expected to increase in average about 8% for the forseeable future. This growth will fuel the domestic demand for consumer products, as projections suggest that the future growth will not be primarily export driven as in the past but that it will stimulate the domestic spending capacity. Eventually, this will result in a significant economic revival, which will positively contribute to YOUBISHENG's future development.
  • As one of the leading linerboard manufacturers of Fujian and Guangdong Provinces, YOUBISHENG is located inshore at an industrially important area. This strategic location will particularly be affected by the prospective growth of domestic demand and increased spending capacity, which consequently will be conducive to YOUIBISHENG's expansion.
  • Special and innovative about YOUBISHENG's production technique is the application of recovered paper, whereas most competitors manufacture products with comparable characteristics with a higher percentage of wood pulp. Herewith, YOUBISHENG directly contributes to the reduction of logging activity and hence helps to preserve the ecological system. Moreover, recovered paper is not only environmentally friendly, but it also leads to a comparative advantage caused by raw material prices and supported by the excellent infrastructure of YOUBISHENG's strategic location.
  • Furthermore, YOUBISHENG's management team is experienced in the linerboard business and has a strong focus on product development in order to regularly introduce new and innovative products. As a result, YOUBISHENG received various awards from several associations and authorities.