Youbisheng Green Paper AG

YOUBISHENG is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and environmentally friendly linerboard in the combined Fujian and Guangdong region. Linerboard is widely used in consumer packaging for various industries due to its low weight, relatively low price and high workability. It also provides a sustainable alternative to plastic and similar materials.

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Youbisheng Green Paper AG, a Chinese manufacturer of eco-friendly linerboard, reports an improved...

For the full financial year 2013, Youbisheng Green Paper AG, a Chinese manufacturer of eco-friendly...

Single-sided testliner

Linerboard is a type of paperboard, which is predominantly used for the production of corrugated board and boxes, paper bags as well as apparel labels and tags.

Product overview

Double-sided testliner

In 2010 we launched the innovative double-sided testliner. The double-sided testliner is produced from 100% recovered fibres and offers our customers a substitute for the more expensive kraftliners produced from wood pulp. Double-sided linerboard can be used for, among others, packaging products, paper bags and labels.

Product overview


Anti Counterfeit linerboard

This innovative product with anti-counterfeit characteristics is marketed as “anti-counterfeit superior class linerboard” and will be used in the packaging of branded products and high grade packaging materials.

Product overview